Stony Brook University Stony Brook University
Funded by the AFOSR, Systems and Software Program,
Dr. Bob Bonneau, Program Manager

To develop the theory and techniques for Survivable Software, a new breed of software for real-world systems in general, and embedded and mission-critical applications in particular. Our vision of survivable software is based on the core principles of dependability, reliability, timeliness and, ultimately, survivability.

Scientific Approach

Key components of the Survivable Software paradigm include:

We are investigating concurrency property verification as a showcase for these SSW components. Our Redflag system is designed to monitor running kernel components for concurrency errors. With SMCO and state estimation, we can significantly reduce Redflag's monitoring overhead, making it practical for more environments.

Breakthrough Opportunity

The Survivable Software approach can potentially have a major impact in the domain of safety and mission-critical software. In this setting, it represents the opportunity to equip an embedded application with software that continues to function in the presence of residual defects.

Overview of SSW