The Berkeley Automounter Suite of Utilities

An automounter maintains a cache of mounted file systems. File systems are mounted on demand when they are first referenced, and unmounted after a period of inactivity. This helps to centralize all file system access, provide a uniform site-wide namespace, and minimize downtimes for clients.

The Berkeley Automounter, Amd, may be used as a replacement for Sun's automounter. The choice of which file system to mount can be controlled dynamically with selectors. Selectors allow decisions of the form "hostname is this," or "architecture is not that." Selectors may be combined arbitrarily. Amd also supports a variety of file system types, including NFS, UFS and the novel program file system. The combination of selectors and multiple file system types allows identical configuration files to be used on all machines thus reducing the administrative overhead. Amd ensures that it will not hang if a remote server goes down. Moreover, Amd can determine when a remote server has become inaccessible and then mount replacement file systems as and when they become available.

Welcome to the am-utils version 6.x home page. My name is Erez Zadok and I'm the lead maintainer of am-utils. Am-utils is the "next generation" of the popular BSD Automounter, Amd. Am-utils includes many additional updates, ports, programs, features (such as Autofs support, NFS V.4 support, experimental Lustre support, and shared libraries), bug fixes, and more.

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(also frames version and all-in-one version)

October 30, 2014: official release of am-utils available, version am-utils-6.2.

June 26, 2012: first release candidate of am-utils available, version am-utils-6.2-rc1.

October 20, 2009: all development of am-utils move to our Git Server.

October 10, 2005: First test release, am-utils 6.2a1, includes Sun-style automount syntax maps support.

June 11, 2005: First official and stable am-utils 6.1 is released (check updated releases since then).


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am-utils For users' questions, announcements, bug reports, and general. Anyone Subscribers only This list used to be called amd-dev at Use new name please.
am-utils-announce For announcements only Anyone Developers only  
am-utils-cvs For CVS commit logs Anyone Developers only You can access the nightly source snapshots here.
am-utils-developers For official maintainers, by invitation only No one Developers with CVS commit privileges only Listed here for completeness.
amd-workers Older users list (defunct) No one No one This older users list (which I never mainatined) no longer exists. This list was shutdown in January 2004. Use the newer am-utils list instead.

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1 Ramya Edara MS Jan 2007 - Dec 2007 Member of Technical Staff, Arista Networks (Menlo Park, California)
2 Dan Ottavio MS Jan 2005 - Aug 2005 Senior Software Engineer, Amazon AWS (Cambridge, MA)


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