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Am-utils (4.4BSD Automounter Utilities)

Am-utils (4.4BSD Automounter Utilities) User Manual
For version 6.2a3, 27 November 2006

Erez Zadok
(Originally by Jan-Simon Pendry and Nick Williams)

Copyright © 1997-2006 Erez Zadok
Copyright © 1989 Jan-Simon Pendry
Copyright © 1989 Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine
Copyright © 1989 The Regents of the University of California.
All Rights Reserved.

Permission to copy this document, or any portion of it, as necessary for use of this software is granted provided this copyright notice and statement of permission are included.

Am-utils is the 4.4BSD Automounter Tool Suite, which includes the Amd automounter, the Amq query and control program, the Hlfsd daemon, and other tools. This Info file describes how to use and understand the tools within Am-utils.

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