HCOS In the News

  • The GCC project merged plug-in support into its main development branch, finalizing plans to include plug-in support in the next major GCC release, GCC 4.5. While a member of HCOS, Sean Callanan contributed to the GCC plug-in infrastructure, which is a key part of HCOS instrumentation-oriented research. Planned source releases of software developed as part of HCOS research will make HCOS one of the first groups to provide GCC plug-ins.
  • No More Bugs! - Computer Science Receives NSF Grant to Develop Self-Monitoring Software at the Website of the office of the vice president for research at Stony Brook University. This project was one of several Stony Brook University projects featured on the Science Coalition's Web site during the week of January 23–29, 2006.
  • Project featured in The Brook, Stony Brook University's bi-annual magazine, volume 6, no. 2, "On The Horizon" column on page 5.