FSL's Filebench Port


FSL Filebench port became a mainline! We maintain the official Filebench page hosted at Sourceforge. Please look for all information there.

This page aimed to maintain Filebench port for Linux/FreeBSD platforms. In June 2011 this port replaced the mainline Filebench; this page is only for historical purposes.


Jun 8
FSL Filebench port became a mainline! This page is not maintened any more. Please, go to filebench.sourceforge.net for new releases and support.
Dec 30
Version 1.4.8.fsl.0.8 (***depricated with 1.4.9 release***) released!
Address space randomization problem addressed, thread model removed, ioprios support added, min and max latencies for flowops added, other.
Aug 24
Version 1.4.8.fsl.0.7 released!
SEGFAULT caused by invalid random number generation fixed, dirsizegamma parameter fix, other.
June 18
Version 1.4.8.fsl.0.6 released!
Deadlock while thread creation fixed, posset feature added, other.
Apr 6
Version 1.4.8.fsl.0.5 released!
Compilation for SUN Studio compilers fixed.
Apr 5
Version 1.4.8.fsl.0.4 released!
Direct I/O support, FreeBSD fixes for process model, noreadahead attribute and raw devices support, other.


Below are the reasons why this port existed:

Summary of changes

It is important to notice that we did NOT change the major mechanism how Filebench functions. Moreover, human interface is not touched too (we only added some new commands). I.e., if you have used original Filebench before, you don't need to study it again. Most important changes are: For the complete list of changes look into ChangeLog.


Visit official Filebench page for all sorts of support.


Visit official Filebench page for fresh versions.


We believe that Filebench is a powerful tool for a versatile file system and storage performance analysis. We thank the authors: Richard McDougall, Neelakanth Nadgir, Shawn Debnath, Spencer Shepler - for their great job. We also thank SUN Microsystems for supporting those people.
We also would like to thank the following people for their contribution: