CSE-376: Advanced Systems Programming in Unix/C, Spring 2021

This is the home page for CSE-376, the Advanced Systems Programming in Unix/C class for the Spring 2021 semester, given at the Computer Science Department of Stony Brook University.

To take this class, you must come to the first (real) lecture and fill out the online survey google form.

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Class Time and Location

Days: Monday and Wednesday
Hours: 6:05pm–7:25pm
Location: Online (you've been invited to the zoom link)


Name: Erez Zadok
Location: Online (you've been invited to the zoom link)
Tel: x2-8461 (631-632-8461)
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 7:25pm–8:25pm, or by appointment (office hours zoom link is posted on Piazza).
Email: click here

Teaching Assistant(s)

  1. Name: Yifei Liu (full-time TA)

Course Information/Syllabus

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Last Updated: 2021-02-05