Erez Zadok's CSE Project Courses

There are many projects available. The area of research is operating systems in general, and many of the projects focus on storage and file systems. Some projects also deal with security and networking. To get a better idea of my research, see the list of all projects and existing publications. Typical projects are conducted in my lab on equipment running Linux and various BSDs, but other operating systems are available as well. Projects are available for short term (1-2 semesters masters or undergraduate level) to long term (several years, PhD level).

All projects require my written approval! Do not register for a project course with me without my written approval first, or you will be de-registered automatically!

Undergraduates should read the guidelines for undergraduates. Graduate students should read the guidelines for graduate students. If I allow you to take a project course with me, then you will need to fill out the permission to enroll form and have me sign it. If I become your advisor, then you will also need the advisor selection or change form. When you do have to register for a course, you may consult this table for the specific course number and section.

Finally, if you want to take a project with me, be sure that you do not have any incomplete grades from previous semesters. It is vital to me that students can demonstrate their abilities to complete projects on time, making deadlines, etc.

Note: Section numbers tend to change periodically. Always check Solar for the most current section number.

Name Course Section Level
Undergraduate Teaching Practicum CSE-475 36 Undergraduate
Research in Computer Science CSE-487 07 (or possible 36) Undergraduate
Senior Honors Research Project I CSE-495 36 Undergraduate
Senior Honors Research Project II CSE-496 36 Undergraduate
Introduction to Software Engineering and Project Plan CSE-523 36 MS
Project completion CSE-524 36 MS
Proficiency Requirement in Computer Science CSE-587 36 MS, Ph.D.
Independent Study in Computer Science CSE-593 36 MS, Ph.D.
M.S. Thesis Research CSE-599 36 MS
Practicum in Teaching CSE-698 36 Ph.D
Ph.D. Dissertation Research CSE-699 36 Ph.D

Funding is limited and available only to qualified students who have taken a project course with me before, TA-ed for me, took CSE-506 and did very well in it, or otherwise proven their qualifications in person though several years of related industry experience. If you are a new MS student, I strongly suggest you take CSE-506 first before embarking on an FSL project with me.

(Last updated: 4/9/2015)