Some Projects of Nikolai Joukov

Most of my current work in IBM is classified so I am not updating this page since 2007.

OS profiling via latency aggregation (OSprof aka FSprof)
Example latency profile of llseek and read operations Modern Operating Systems consist of a number of components that despite having different purposes strongly influence each other. Unfortunately, existing OS profiling systems concentrate on some particular OS component or profile only CPU or I/O activity. Therefore, the information collected is often not sufficient to discover and easily understand possible OS performance problems. In this project we investigate techniques that allow to capture, visualize, and analyze statistical information about the OS operation as a whole, as well as several OSs that communicate over the network.
Figure on the left shows a lock contention between READ and LLSEEK (original and patched) file system operations described on linux-fsdevel mailing list.

Automatic File Systems Generation and Instrumentation (FoSgen)
FoSgen FoSgen is an automatic file system generator. It can instrument existing and even future file systems with OS-independent extensions written in FiST language. Our current prototype can add many different extensions to Linux 2.4, Linux 2.6, and FreeBSD 5.4 file systems.
Example FiST extensions are: printkfs, FSprof, trash bin, and secure deletion.

Redundant Array of Independent Filesystems (RAIF)
RAIF Redundant Array of Independent Filesystems is a RAID-like stackable fan-out filesystem that can be mounted over a set of other filesystems. There are currently 6 RAIF levels that correspond to 6 standard RAID levels. RAIF offers unprecedented configuration flexibility: RAIF levels can be configured on the per-file basis, lower branches can be any filesystems (Disk, Network, or memory-based).

Stackable Filesystem ReplayFS is the first tool to replay traces at the VFS level. The traces are captured by the TraceFS filesystem. Both TraceFS and ReplayFS are implemented as a thin stackable layer between VFS and a lower filesystem. VFS level replaying offers better reproducibility of the filesystem behavior and allows replaying of mmap-related filesystem operations.

Kernel Code Electric Fence (Kefence)
ElectricFence library for the Linux kernel.

Yuntis search engine evaluation
Kendall tau dependence on the data set size
  • Kept the search engine cluster of computers alive for one semester
  • Wrote search results similarity ranking utility.
    (Based on Kendall tau and precision-recall metrics)
  • Used the utility described above to evaluate the dependence of the quality of the search results on the size of the data set. 15 Million of pages initial data set was resampled using several methods. A sample Kendall tau dependence on the data set size is shown on the left.

  • Lectern II
    Lectern II hardware setup Lectern is the first electronic lecture recording system that provides extensive on-line navigational support for classroom instruction with minimal intrusion to the lecturing activity. It transparently captures the digital pen inks and the voice inputs in real time, and synchronizes them with the pre-prepared slides using Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language. At the end, with one key press, the entire lecture recording is converted into a Web-ready format, sent to a pre-designated Web server with a proper anchor link added, and available for download and/or streaming access. The standard set-up of a Lectern system consists of a tablet PC and a video projector: An instructor uses the tablet PC to show pre-prepared slides and annotate them in the same way as she does on a piece of paper, and the tablet PCs display is projected on the video projector for the live audience. After a lecture is completed, the instructor can use Lecterns editor to edit the lecture recording by either deleting existing slides and their associated digital inks and voice inputs, or inserting additional slides or annotations. The lecture recordings from Lectern are designed to be viewed by the freely available Real Player.
    The playback bandwidth requirements are very modest (~20KBit) therefore the lectures can be played back even via a modest modem link.

    Example recordings are available on cse320 and lectern servers.

    Quantum Computing Library
    Quantum Computing Test Chip Created a library of very low current-dencity Josephson junctions for TRW and HYPRES fabrication technologies and test layouts of quantum computing elements. One such microchip is shown on the left side.

    RSFQ Serial multiplier
    RSFQ Serial Multiplier Proposed innovative timing approach to the standard implementation of a serial RSFQ accumulator. 30% speedup and 30% hardware savings were achieved.
    Accumulator implemented for Hypres technology as a part of serial multiplier is shown on the left.

    Internet Service Management Device (ISMD)
    Main Frame one of the ISMD GUI data views
  • One of the authors of the Java-based GUI.
  • Added KaZaA, Morpheus, eDonkey2000, eMule, and ICQ (including ICQ phone, Shared Files plugins, and ICQ proxy) traffic classification.
  • Restructured the source code tree
  • Added Niagara Gigabit Ethernet card bypass support.
  • Ported from 2.2 to 2.4 Linux kernel
  • Added ACPI support

  • Cadence customization for RSFQ technology
  • Authored Cadence PCELL library for Hypres technology
    (PCELLs are based on ROD SKILL functions. Josephson Junction PCELL is shown on the left)
  • Cadence customization for DRC, ERC, LVS support of RSFQ schemes.

    More information is available at:

  • Linux KQUEUE prototype
    Kqueue event notification API is implemented for Linux in the form of a loadable kernel module. Existing BSD applications that use kqueue API were ported to Linux and proved the correct implementation functionality. Event requests are preserved in the kernel and thus improvement for long-living connections over standard poll mechanism was achieved. Detailed survey of existing event notification mechanisms is presented. A set of a simple kernel changes is proposed in order to enhance kernel extendibility. A scheme of a very low latency light weighted high scalability notification mechanism based on the extended kernel variant is proposed.
    Read complete report
    Download source code (warning: alpha version) - Russia-wide autoparts search engine Russian auto parts search engine.
    Server provided authentification and auto updates by subscribers.
    A number of heuristics were implemented in order to find right parts substitutions.

    Design of Web site and logo for Aibolit Auto and V.I.P. Limousine companies
    V.I.P. Limousine

  • Web site design:
    Aibolit Auto

  • Company Logo design:
    "Old doctor with a wrench"

  • Web Site design

  • Superconducting Microstrip Lines Digital Interface
    MSL02 test microchip Comprehensive study of the superconductive Microstrip Lines (MSL) usage in RSFQ technology.
    Figure on the left shows a test microchip fabricated in Hypres Inc. with three schemes to test bit error rate and bias current margins of the proposed MSL interfaces.
    References to three publications about this project can be found on my publications page

    Cadence layouts viewer
    LayView LayView is a Cadence layouts viewer for Linux. This program generates previews of Cadence layouts for people who do not have access to Cadence or want to get an idea about a layout contents without starting Cadence

    RSFQ digital correlator
    correlator RSFQ-based Sign Correlator was simulated and laid out for IREE Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and PTB (Germany) fabrication technologies. New Josephson Junctions library for IREE RAS technology was designed as a part of the project.

    Atomic Physics Practicum I2 Spectrum Analyzer
    Lab8 This program was written for the General Atomic Physics Practicum Laboratory, Physics dept. of Moscow State University.
    The program visualizes and analyses I2 spectrum data collected by students.

    VSM Workshop - Vibrating Sample Magnetometer Data Analyzer
    VSM Workshop Program used for analysis of experimental data generated by Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) in Kern forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (FZK, former KFK), Germany

    Main program features include
  • Extensive set of data manipulation capabilities such as function smoothing using splines, integration, calculation of derivatives, extraction of parameter dependence based on the information containing in hundreds of files and more
  • Built in BASIC-like macro language
  • Numerous data visualization and data manipulation visualization modes with intuitive user interface.
  • Automatic data file format recognition
  • Runs even under Windows 3.11

  • Matches - logical game - my first windows program
    Matches v.1.0 My first Windows program written during Windows 3.11 era: A logical game that I like in real life.
    It seems to be very simple but you are very likely to lose :-) Download and try to win!

    QUEST - low level DOS framework for strategic games
    DOS drivers A set of DOS drivers and utilities for strategic games development:
  • Dos Protected Mode Interface (DPMI) memory driver
  • 640x400 256color fast VGA driver. Reprograms CRT controller timing and Video memory banks usage. (There is no standard 256 color high resolution mode on VGA cards)
  • Special graphics file format optimized for the above video mode and video memory layout.
  • Graphics files converter and editor for that file format.
  • Sound Blaster driver (DMA and Port modes)
  • IPX network driver (not completed)

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