OS Performance Benchmarking

Modern Operating Systems consist of a number of components that despite having different purposes strongly influence each other. Unfortunately, existing OS profiling systems concentrate on some particular OS component or profile only CPU or I/O activity. Therefore, the information collected is often not sufficient to discover and easily understand possible OS performance problems. In this project we investigate techniques that allow to capture, visualize, and analyze statistical information about the OS operation as a whole, as well as several OSs that communicate over the network.

Conference and Workshop Papers:

# Title (click for html version) Formats Published In Date Comments
1 Auto-pilot: A Platform for System Software Benchmarking PS PDF BibTeX Usenix Technical Conference, FREENIX Track Apr 2005  

Current Students:

# Name (click for home page) Program Member Since
1 Nikolai Joukov PhD Jan 2004
2 Avishay Traeger PhD Sep 2003

Past Students:

# Name (click for home page) Program Period Current Location
1 Rakesh Narayan Iyer MS Sep 2004 - Dec 2005 Storage Software engineer, Software Storage, NVidia (Santa Clara, CA)


# Sponsor Amount Period Type Title (click for award abstract)
1 NSF HECURA $760,253 2006-2009 PI File System Tracing, Replaying, Profiling, and Analysis on HEC Systems

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