[Unionfs] project using UnionFS: SLAX, you requested this info

Tomas M tomas at linux-live.org
Tue Apr 5 08:38:15 EDT 2005

Hello Erez, you requested this infor so I'm sending it to the list:

> - name of project using unionfs
> - URL to the project

SLAX (Linux Live CD)

> - email of main contact person (or group) of said project
> - estimated date when you started using unionfs

tomas AT linux-live DOT org
23th Feb 2005
Final SLAX release with unionFS support was 4th of April 2005

> - optional for some of you: estimate how many people use your project

In the past, each release was downloaded by approximately 17000 users
per month (based on FTP transfers+bittorent downloads), so I would say
something more than 550 new users each day. Current SLAX 5 is little bit
better, bunch of people were waiting for it, I paid alot of
advertisement and I'm expecting at least two times more users this month

See screenshots, you will like it

Could you add info about SLAX to your site?
(and maybe update the link to Knoppix? I can't really find such a
release of knoppix with unionFS).

Thank you


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