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9 Acknowledgments

Joseph Spadavecchia developed the first simple version of our benchmarking Perl script that has since morphed into the current Auto-pilot.

Yevgeniy Miretskiy wrote the bar graphing tool that our unified bar/line graphing tool is based on. His Perl expertise was also invaluable when designing and implementing the rest of the system.

Amit Purohit, Kiran-Kumar Muniswamy-Reddy, Michael Martino, Akshat Aranya, Nikolai Joukov, Devaki Kulkarni, and others in our lab have provided valuable feedback when using the system to benchmark their projects. Avishay Traeger is the King of finding Auto-pilot bugs, and stretching the system to its limit, without him it would be in much worse shape.

This work was partially made possible by an NSF CAREER award EIA-0133589, NSF Trusted Computing Award CCR-0310493, and HP/Intel gifts numbers 87128 and 88415.1.