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Namespace1.4 Volume Binding
ndbm maps3.1.2 ndbm maps
netgrp Selector Function3.3.3.24 netgrp Selector Function
netgrp, boolean mount selector3.3.3.24 netgrp Selector Function
netgrpd Selector Function3.3.3.25 netgrpd Selector Function
netgrpd, boolean mount selector3.3.3.25 netgrpd Selector Function
netnumber Selector Variable3.3.3.16 netnumber Selector Variable
netnumber, mount selector3.3.3.16 netnumber Selector Variable
Network filesystem group5.3 Network Filesystem Group (`nfsx')
Network host filesystem5.2 Network Host Filesystem (`host')
network Selector Variable3.3.3.17 network Selector Variable
network, mount selector3.3.3.17 network Selector Variable
Network-wide naming1.3 Volume Naming
NFS5.1 Network Filesystem (`nfs')
NFS ping1.8 Keep-alives
NFS V.3 support2. Supported Platforms
nfs, filesystem type5.1 Network Filesystem (`nfs')
NFS-Link filesystem II5.17 NFS-Link Filesystem (`nfsl')
nfs_allow_any_interface Parameter6.5.26 nfs_allow_any_interface Parameter
nfs_allow_insecure_port Parameter6.5.27 nfs_allow_insecure_port Parameter
nfs_proto Parameter6.5.28 nfs_proto Parameter
nfs_retransmit_counter Parameter6.5.29 nfs_retransmit_counter Parameter
nfs_retransmit_counter Parameter6.5.30 nfs_retransmit_counter_udp Parameter
nfs_retransmit_counter Parameter6.5.31 nfs_retransmit_counter_tcp Parameter
nfs_retransmit_counter Parameter6.5.32 nfs_retransmit_counter_toplvl Parameter
nfs_retransmit_counter_tcp Parameter6.5.31 nfs_retransmit_counter_tcp Parameter
nfs_retransmit_counter_toplvl Parameter6.5.32 nfs_retransmit_counter_toplvl Parameter
nfs_retransmit_counter_udp Parameter6.5.30 nfs_retransmit_counter_udp Parameter
nfs_retry_interval Parameter6.5.33 nfs_retry_interval Parameter
nfs_retry_interval Parameter6.5.34 nfs_retry_interval_udp Parameter
nfs_retry_interval Parameter6.5.35 nfs_retry_interval_tcp Parameter
nfs_retry_interval Parameter6.5.36 nfs_retry_interval_toplvl Parameter
nfs_retry_interval_tcp Parameter6.5.35 nfs_retry_interval_tcp Parameter
nfs_retry_interval_toplvl Parameter6.5.36 nfs_retry_interval_toplvl Parameter
nfs_retry_interval_udp Parameter6.5.34 nfs_retry_interval_udp Parameter
nfs_vers Parameter6.5.37 nfs_vers Parameter
nfsl, filesystem type5.17 NFS-Link Filesystem (`nfsl')
nfsx, filesystem type5.3 Network Filesystem Group (`nfsx')
NIS (YP) domain name4.14 -y NIS-domain
NIS (YP) maps3.1.3 NIS maps
NIS+ maps3.1.4 NIS+ maps
nis_domain Parameter6.5.38 nis_domain Parameter
Nodes generated on a restart5.24 Inheritance Filesystem (`inherit')
Non-blocking operation1.9 Non-blocking Operation
normalize_hostnames Parameter6.5.39 normalize_hostnames Parameter
normalize_slashes Parameter6.5.40 normalize_slashes Parameter
Normalizing hostnames4.6 -n
Null Filesystem5.9 Null Filesystem (`nullfs')
nullfs, filesystem type5.9 Null Filesystem (`nullfs')

Obtaining the source codeSource Distribution
Operating System name4.20 -O op-sys-name
Operating System version4.7 -o op-sys-ver
Operational principles1.5 Operational Principles
opts, FSinfo filesystems option8.6.2 opts Option
opts, mount option3.3.4.4 opts Option
os Parameter6.5.41 os Parameter
os Selector Variable3.3.3.10 os Selector Variable
os, FSinfo host attribute8.5.4 os Option
os, mount selector3.3.3.10 os Selector Variable
osver Parameter6.5.42 osver Parameter
osver Selector Variable3.3.3.11 osver Selector Variable
osver, mount selector3.3.3.11 osver Selector Variable
Overriding defaults on the command line4. Amd Command Line Options
Overriding or adding options to a mount3.3.4.1 addopts Option
Overriding the default mount point3.3.4.3 fs Option
Overriding the local domain name4.3 -d domain
Overriding the NIS (YP) domain name4.14 -y NIS-domain

Passing parameters to the mount system call3.3.4.4 opts Option
passno, FSinfo filesystems option8.6.3 passno Option
Password file maps3.1.6 Password maps
path Selector Variable3.3.3.18 path Selector Variable
path, mount selector3.3.3.18 path Selector Variable
Pathname operators3.3.2 Variable Expansion
pawd10.15 pawd
pcfs, filesystem type5.10 Floppy Filesystem (`pcfs')
Picking up existing mounts4.9 -r
pid file, creating with -p option4.8 -p
PID; Amd7.4.7 Amq -p option
pid_file Parameter6.5.43 pid_file Parameter
plock Parameter6.5.44 plock Parameter
plock; using4.21 -S
portmap_program Parameter6.5.45 portmap_program Parameter
preferred_amq_port Parameter6.5.46 preferred_amq_port Parameter
Primary server3.3.4.2 delay Option
print_pid Parameter6.5.47 print_pid Parameter
print_version Parameter6.5.48 print_version Parameter
Process id4.8 -p
process id of Amd daemon4.8 -p
Process ID; Amd7.4.7 Amq -p option
Program filesystem5.14 Program Filesystem (`program')
program, filesystem type5.14 Program Filesystem (`program')

Querying an alternate host7.4.3 Amq -h option
quiet, FSinfo command line option8.9.8 -q

redhat-ctl-amd10.16 redhat-ctl-amd
Referencing an existing part of the local name space5.16 Symbolic Link Filesystem II (`linkx')
Referencing an existing part of the name space if target exists5.17 NFS-Link Filesystem (`nfsl')
Referencing part of the local name space5.15 Symbolic Link Filesystem (`link')
Regular expressions in maps5.18 Automount Filesystem (`auto')
remopts, mount option3.3.4.5 remopts Option
Replacement volumes1.3 Volume Naming
Replicated volumes1.3 Volume Naming
Resetting the Amd log file7.4.5 Amq -l option
Resolving aliased hostnames4.6 -n
restart_mounts Parameter6.5.49 restart_mounts Parameter
Restarting Amd7.3 Restarting Amd
Restarting existing mounts4.9 -r
rfs, mount option5.1 Network Filesystem (`nfs')
rfs, mount option5.7 Loopback Filesystem (`lofs')
rhost, mount option5.1 Network Filesystem (`nfs')
Root filesystem5.23 Root Filesystem (`root')
root, filesystem type5.23 Root Filesystem (`root')
RPC Program numbers; Amd7.4.8 Amq -P option
RPC retries1.9 Non-blocking Operation
Run-time administration7. Run-time Administration
Running multiple Amd7.4.8 Amq -P option
rwho servers11.5 `rwho' servers

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